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Love your A3/S3 but could do with a bit more bass? Don't want to lose any boot space but want the sounds to match the quality of the rest of your Audi? You need an AMSS stealth sub upgrade. The single biggest improvement you can perform to the sounds in your A3/S3.

Our custom AMSS subwoofer enclosures for the A3/S3 8L chassis Audi's are professionally manufactured to the highest standards. Composed of 18mm MDF, the replacement enclosure provides a rock solid sealed unit housing the phenomenal JL Audio 6W3v3-4 6.5" sub.  The enclosure replaces the stock OEM tupperware sub mounted in the rear passenger side cubbyhole in the boot, either Bose or non Bose. The stock sub is made from the finest cheapo plastic and is the basis for the lousy sound quality achieved with either the standard or upgraded Bose system in the A3/S3. Even the Bose system uses the same enclosure so precise punchy bass cannot be achieved whatever you try - until NOW!.


AMSS with box.jpg

AMSS terminals.jpg

The AMSS enclosure fits snugly in the same location, with room for a CD changer (if fitted) on top, with the amp mounted behind the rear speaker panel providing a totally hidden stealth solution for all A3/S3 8L (old shape) Audi's.

New amss fit cubbyhole.jpg


This upgrade works with all the stock head units fitted to this model of Audi and also with any aftermarket HU. I can provide just the enclosure or a complete system including wiring, amp, sub and wiring adapter. The wiring adapter is a must if you are fitting the system to a stock Concert or Symphony HU as you can pick up all the feeds from the Audi sub loom in the boot without cutting any of the stock wiring. This enables the system to be returned to standard when you need to sell the car. The only additional wiring required is a 40a fused power cable for the amp, which needs to run from the battery to the rear speaker panel, full instructions are provided on how to do this or we also provide a complete installation service if required for £80.

The transformation is dramatic. Not only do you get proper clean punchy bass but you can now run the HU with less bass going to the cabin speakers which improves the overall sound as well and you can listen louder without distortion.

Previously we've only made these to order for enthusiasts on the audi-sport.net forum, here are some reviews from previous customers:




"I'm so impressed by the sound that comes out of such a small box! But what impressed me most was the fit of that thing, when I put it in place I thought I won't need to screw it down because it nestled in so well. I did of course screw it down just to make sure...I just want to say thank you again Andy for a top quality service, you really worked hard from the first time I contacted you, to me receiving the goods. I don't think I've ever had such good service, and you were 100% thorough!"
Simon from Oxford

" I am VERY impressed with the bass it produces. It's exactly what I wanted, good quality bass and just loud enough. 
And of course it being stealth.
Also I was very happy with the complete instructions that came with it.
I have been a Car enthusiast for quite some years now and have done it all and bought a lot of products, this has got be one of my top purchases, product and service wise! Thankyou"
Hans from the Netherlands

When added to the Bose system it gets rid of that horrendous woolly muffled bass and provides a much more powerful cleaner sharper low end.

The PDF fitting instructions can be downloaded here:



Fitting is not complicated, just a bit time consuming. Takes about 4 hours to fit the sub, amp, wiring and power cable.

AMSS bottom.jpg