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Thomas Robert MacGregor, born 23/03/2003 @ 11.45am, 3.5 weeks early, weighing 5.8lbs


Toms Party March 18th 2012

party house.jpg


Holly bashes hell out of the pinata (as usual)

Holly bash.jpg

The crockery smash was very popular

Crockery smash.jpg




Tom swing.jpg

Toms catch of the day

Tom Crab.jpg

Tom scaling the south face of Dancing Ledge

Dancing Ledge climbing.jpg

Dancing Ledge distance.jpg

Dancing Ledge in a row.jpg

The Tominator takes a breather

Tom Gloves.jpg

Tom Stars as the raggedy beggarman

Raggedy Beggar.jpg

Tom with Squirrel in St. James' Park

Tom with squirrel.jpg

Tom Hair.jpg

Tom relaxing in bath

Tom Bath 003 copy.jpg

Tom Bath 001 copy.jpg

Tom on hols on Studland beach

Wet Tom Beach.jpg

I could do some real damage with this baby

Tom Sword.jpg

Tom & Jake get Tim in trouble

Tom Jake Stormtrooper.jpg

Not sure about this crumbling concrete roof!

Tom Party Bunker4.jpg

Tom Party Hit2.jpg

Tom Party Hit1.jpg

Tom Party Hit3.jpg

Tom Party Bunker2.jpg

Tom Party Bunker1.jpg

Who says I can't "do" grumpy?

allotment Grumpy Tom.jpg

on;y kidding!

allotment tom mouth.jpg

Spongebob Mini

Spongebob Mini.jpg

The Cat in the Hat is back!

Posing again

Eagle Heights May 09



Your chosen subject Mr Tom is "Captain Underpants"

Mastermind Tom copy.jpg

Tom Chillin' in his boat (Cyprus 2009)

Tom Boat2 lo.jpg

Spongebob Mini

Spongebob Mini.jpg

The Cat in the Hat is back!

Posing again

Big School

Tom School copy.jpg

Tom relaxing with Mojo

He loves the camera

We've been expecting you Mr Bond!

Mr Bond.jpg

Pre-publicity shot for new Morrissey video

Tom Smiths.jpg

Tom Spoon.jpg

Tom & Dan lores.jpg

Poseur Tom

Tom Studio lores.jpg

It would be easier without the MacGregor ballast!

Fran boat.jpg

Tom & black beauty

Black Beauty copy.jpg

Are we sitting comfortably?

In trouble.jpg

Putting the final touches to that all important spreadsheet

Boys Computer.jpg


Big Tom, Little Tom


"Well I don't know what's wrong with it"

Fighting off the girls, as usual (playing hard to get with Savanah)

"this is going own rather nicely"

"Glamour" modelling again......

Tom & Nana Poodles

Tom & friend

West Witterings July04

Tom & Jake privately comparing notes on their respective parents

Aunty Sarah can't work out how to get reverse in her new Mini

Gardening Tom

And in the blue corner, weighing in at 1 stone, 8lbs, Tom "Crusher" MacGregor

Tom & Aunty Sarah decide to share "Blanky Bear" in order to get some well earned sleep

Beatbox Tom

Folding & Ironing? You're 'aving a larf!

Tom & Guy over Christmas

Sleeping with the Bonz

"Look at my teeth"

Centrefold Tom - one for the ladies!

Little Tom gets up on all fours

Tom departs for nursery for the first time

What happened?

What Happened to You.jpg

Tom is unaware that his dad's thinning hair is genetic

"No Worries, I've got my thumb"


Ice cream what ice cream?

Mr Muckart has got his arms full

"Oiy Jake, no kicking in the pool"

Tongue-Tied Tom

Cuddles with the Big Old Bonz. July '03

Matching GroBags - July '03

Bouncy Boy - July '03

Deerhunter? Maybe one day...June '03

He's got his Daddy's hair - and he's not giving it back! June '03



"They feed me, burp me, and clean me up when I poo myself, what a laugh!"   

Tom MacGregor June 2003

"HP Shares? No, sell, sell, sell!"

Funny Aunty Sarah

Laughing Tom Selection  June 2003

Bathtime with Daddy 12/06/03

Archive Photos

The MacGregors 20/04/03

Tom & Jake relaxing 09/04/03

"Childbirth? It's a piece of piss!" Charlie MacGregor 23/03/03

Help! I'm covered in goo! 23/03/03