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Fed up with his continual "war stories" about rightfax sales in the good old days, the other residents eject Mr Coyne from the day centre.

Apparently his "special needs" were a bit too special

"Can somebody change me, it's getting quite sore now?"


The Fab 4 on a photo shoot in Bergamo for their hard hitting political album "Where the f*ck are my Chino's?"

Another scintilating sales meeting

Tel consoles Smithy after he accidently spills the head of a young girl (Lena) on his favourite Chino's.

Sister Sarah takes to the cat walk at a very low budget Indonesian fashion show

Mr Reddie gets down to some emergency plumbing

Marine Boy & OxyGirl in Mexico

"And then she got really upset when I grabbed her breast", Cain is bemused by Craigs explanation of how he got arrested at the perfume counter in Debenhams

"I'm alright, honest..." Tim Muckart: Amshderdam 2001 Stag Tour

Barney takes a well earned break after a hard day boarding on Blackcomb. April 2002 

'Dances with a Probe' tries to re-light his fire. New Year's Eve 2001


Care in the Community
Digital Graham loses a contact lens (and the use of his spine, legs, shoes etc).
Terry & Carolyn Coyne reception, I think, (there were so many similar incidents).


All that talent on the same flight to Bergamo, what were we thinking, thanks Phil Hall for a top event. (June 98)

Graham actually assisting somebody else to stand up for a change. Pop demonstrating why he's called Pop. Those buttons can't take much more.....

"We will rock you" or was it "We are family"

Graham with much loved third rate celebrity Roger De Courcey (minus Nookie), a young Jools & dodgy Pete Cleverley

"You never close your eyes, anymore, when I kish your lips...."

Classic Paolo - the Italian/Essex Stallion

The ever noctunal Mr Charles, "That's 9am, Win, in the morning!!" 

The Witches of Fleetwick

Nervous Swansborough, with good reason...

Warming up - Speed Skating team Amsterdam tour 2001

"My Hamlet was simply divine, darling" Aaron reminiscing about his days treading the boards.

Dizzy the Dog & innocent little Guy, note the Grundig V2000 format VCR in the background, ahh the good old days.....

David "Schumacher" Smith doing what he does best.
Table dancing with a couple of blond bimbos.
"I vill show you a good lap time, mine darlink" slurred Smithy